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Join PhotoBox as PHP developer

by Matthias Willerich on January 14 2009, 11:33

PhotoBox is currently looking for a PHP Developer based in London to join a strong development team of 20.

You should have been working a minimum of three years full-time in OO-PHP, with experience in PHP5. You will be primarily working with Zend Framework using their MVC components, so any exposure to ZF or any other MVC framework is beneficial. At the same time you can show off skills in web standards compliant XHTML and CSS, and have corporate experience in working with Javascript.

The Company

Launched at the beginning of year 2000 PhotoBox is a privately owned and funded company, and specializes in digital photographic services using state of the art facilities.

PhotoBox is the UK and Ireland's number one destination for online photo sharing, storing and printing, with over two million members. Find out more about Photobox in this interview with CTO Graham Hobson. Since the interview the office has been moved to Paddington.


You will be working as part of the PHP/Front-end team, maintaining and expanding existing web applications as well as develop new ones.

With a regular release schedule you must be able to:

  • Assist in providing development timescales and estimates
  • Assist in providing technical feedback on business requirements
  • Follow project specifications and timescales
  • Use source code management systems (SVN) as appropriate
  • Ensure your code is well documented

Skills Requirements

If you feel this one's for you, please send your CV to and make sure to mention my name (so I can, totally selfless as I am, benefit from our referral scheme!)


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